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Hi there, it’s Kevin from Beacon here and in this quick video I’m going to show you how you to automatically convert Hubspot blog posts into an eBook.

The whole process takes just a few seconds, so compared to working with a designer or copying and pasting into a template this is a huge time saver.

So, after you have connected your Beacon and Hubspot accounts you’ll be presented with this screen. As you can see it shows you a list of all blog posts associated with your Hubspot account. In our case we just have 24 posts.

You can search for a specific post using this box at the top. And you can also filter content by author. If you have more than one blog associated with your Hubspot account you can choose to display only the content from 1 particular blog.

So if I wanted to make an eBook out of all my tutorial articles, then I could just search for the word ‘tutorial’ and then select the ones that I needed.

If I change my mind I can cancel that search by clicking the ‘x’ beside the search bar.

By clicking the check box next to an article title I can choose which posts to include in my book.

On the right hand side I get an overview of all the articles that I have chosen, and I can remove some if I change my mind. Now that I’m happy with that I can finish the process by clicking ‘create ebook’.

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