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What is the Beacon for Hubspot integration?
What is the Beacon for Hubspot integration?
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Video Demo

Video Transcript

In this quick video I want to show you how easy it is to convert your existing Hubspot content into a beautiful eBook.

The first thing that you need to do is connect your Beacon account to your Hubspot account. This can be done with just a couple of clicks.

You then choose what content you want to include in your book by either searching for a specific post, or selecting from this list.

Your chosen articles appear on the right hand side and once you’re happy with the contents just click ‘create ebook’.

You can choose from a range of pre-designed themes, or you can create your own. For now let’s go with this theme.

As you can see, all our content has been imported, including images. Text formatting such as headers, links and quotes have also been preserved. You can edit the text using this area on the left and you can even add new pages if you need to.

Since a blog post will typically take up more than 1 pdf page you might want to adjust how your content flows from page to page. For example, in this article the page break occurs mid way through a line so let’s just add a bit of extra space to prevent that.

As you can see, all the other pages that we have imported are here too. And we have also automatically added a call to action page at the end of a book so we can point readers to the next step in the buying cycle.

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