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How to import HubSpot blog posts into Beacon
How to import HubSpot blog posts into Beacon
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Step 1
Visit the Lead Magnet dashboard and click 'create new'

Step 2
Select a format of lead magnet. You can import content from HubSpot into any of these lead magnet formats.

Step 3
When prompted to "Import Blog Content", select "yes"

Step 4
Choose HubSpot from the platform selection screen

Step 5
You will then be asked to 'Connect To HubSpot'. Once you click the yellow button you will taken to HubSpot.

Step 6
Sign in to your HubSpot Account

Step 7
If you have more than one HubSpot account associated with your email address, choose the account that you want to import content from.

Step 8
Once you select your account, you will then be taken back to Beacon where you can select which blog posts you want to import. Feel free to choose as many posts as you want to include. When you are happy with your selections, click "Continue"

Step 9
Choose a template for your lead magnet. All templates can be customised to match you brand.

Step 10

Give your lead magnet a title and click 'Create Lead Magnet'

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