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Everything you need to know about customising the Headline Card

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The Headline Card should be used when you want to add a short title to your page. 

Headline cards cannot be used to add text elements like lists or tables. To add these elements you should use a Text Card.

Headline Card Menu

The blue Headline Card menu appears when you click on a Headline within the page. These are the available options in the Headline Card menu:

Text Color
Choose the color of the text within the Headline Card.

Choose the typeface that will be used for the Headline Card.

Font Size
Increase or decrease the size of the text within the Headline Card.

Line Height
If your headline text flows onto several lines you can increase or decrease the spacing between the lines with this setting. Drag the slider left to decrease line height, drag the slider right to increase line height.

Small line height:

Large line height:

Text Shadow
Use this setting to add a shadow behind the headline text. This is helpful for making the headline text stand out against the background. Particularly useful if the text appears directly on top of a photographic background.

Formatting Menu

When a Headline Card is selected on the page, the formatting menu will appear above the page:

The formatting menu for Headline Cards contains the following options:

  • Bold

  • Italic

  • Link

  • Text algin

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