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Everything you need to know about customising Buttons

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The Button Card should be used when you want to give the reader a button to click on. This could be used as part of a call to action or as a general way to link people to another web address.

Button Card Menu

The Button Card menu is shown when you click on a Button within the page. These are the available options in the Button Card menu:

Text Color
Choose the color of the text within the button.

Choose the typeface that will be used for the button.

Font Size
Increase or decrease the size of the text within the button.

Background Color
Choose the color of the actual button.

Border Color
If your button has a border you can choose the color here. If you do not want your button to have a border just drag the transparency slider to the left hand side:

There are 3 available styles for your button:

  • Default - a button with rounded corners and a heavy bottom border

  • Round - heavily rounded corners

  • Square - no rounded corners

Align your button to the left, the center or the right hand side of the page.

The text that will appear inside your button. Default text is 'button'

When a reader clicks the button, where should they be directed? This link should be a web page and should always start with http:// or https://

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