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Page Number Card

Everything you need to know about customising Page Numbers

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The Page Number Card assigns a sequential number to each individual page within your publication. You can add page numbers to either the header area or the footer area of a page.

When you add a Page Number card to a page, the actual page number is substituted with the letter 'x'

When you preview or publish your publication, the 'x' will be replaced with the real page number digit.

Page Number Menu

The blue Page Number menu appears when you click on a Page Number Card within the page. These are the available options in the menu:

Text Color
Choose the color of the text within the Page Number Card.

Choose the typeface that will be used for the Page Number Card.

Font Size
Increase or decrease the size of the text within the Page Number Card.

Your page number can appear on the left, right or center of a page.

You can choose how the page number is displayed from these options:

  • Page x - Includes the word 'Page' (e.g. 'Page 2')

  • Page x of z - Includes the word 'Page' and the total page count (e.g. 'Page 2 of 10')

  • x - removes the word 'page' (e.g. '2')

  • x of z - removes the word 'page' and includes total page count (e.g. '2 of 10')

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