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Everything you need to know about customising the Table of Contents

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The Table of Contents (ToC) Card is a list of every page contained within your publication.

When you first drag a Table of Contents Card onto the page you will see this button:

Click this button to generate the Table of Contents:

Table of Contents Menu

The blue Table of Contents menu appears when you click on the table of contents within the page. These are the available options in the Table of Contents menu:

Text Color
Choose the color of the text within the table of contents.

Choose the typeface that will be used for the table of contents.

Font Size
Increase or decrease the size of the text within the table of contents.

Show / Hide
You may not want to include every page of your publication in the table of contents. You can click the 'eye' icon to hide individual pages from the table of contents:

Updating The Table of Contents Menu

If you add, reorder or remove pages from your document, the table of contents will not update automatically. To regenerate the table of contents you need to click on the Table of Contents on the page. This video demonstrates that process:

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