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Everything you need to know about customising the Column Group Container

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The Column Group Container should be used when you want to display a number of Content Cards side by side.

When you first add a Columns Group to the page it will consist of 3 empty columns:

You can then drag Content Cards into each individual column:

Columns Group Menu

The blue Columns Group menu appears when you click on the space between the columns.

These are the available options in the Column Group menu:

You can delete any of the existing columns by clicking the trash can icon:

Add Column
You can add new columns to the end of the column group by clicking the 'add column' button:

Space Between Columns
There will be a small gap between the columns in your column group by default. You can increase or remove this space by choosing from the drop down list.

Space Before
If you want to increase or decrease the empty space above a group of columns, use this slider.

Space After
If you want to increase or decrease the empty space below a group of columns, use this slider.

Equal Height Columns
When this option is set to 'on' all the columns in a group will take the same height as the tallest column.

Equal height columns on:

Equal height columns off:

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