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Page Settings

Everything you need to know about configuring individual pages

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Each page within a Beacon document has it's own individual settings. To access the Page Settings for the current page, click the third icon on the left hand side.

The Page Settings tab contains various options for customising that individual page:

Background Color
Change the background color of the current page.

Background Image
You can use a background image instead of a color if you prefer. This is useful for pages when you want to make a big impact.

The page margins prevent the content on your page from touching the outer edges of the page. These margins will only be applied to this individual page.

Please note that you cannot adjust the margins on Imported or Flow pages.

Convert Into Template
If you want to save time when creating future publications you can convert this page into a reusable template. When you do this, your new page template will be available from the 'Add New Page' menu.

Please note that this is a premium feature that is only available on paid accounts.

Headers & Footers
Every page within a Beacon document has a header and a footer. To show them, just click the checkboxes here.

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