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How to Create a Page Template
How to Create a Page Template

Detailed instructions for creating your own reusable page templates.

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You can convert any page within a Beacon document into a reusable template. Perfect for when you need to save time in future projects.

Please note that this is a premium feature and only available in paid accounts

To get started, first navigate to the page that you want to convert into a template

Next, click the 'Page Settings' tab.

In the Page Settings tab you will see a section titled "Convert this page into a template". Click that button:

A new screen will appear:

Here you have two options:

1. Create a new template

To create a new template, type the name of your template in the box and click 'save'.

Your template has now been created. To return to your document and keep editing as normal click the 'close' button.

2. Replace an existing template

You can replace any existing templates that you have previously created by selecting the template that you want to replace from this list:

When you click an option from this list you will be asked to confirm your choice:

Click 'yes' to confirm that you want to overwrite your previous template and click 'cancel' to return to the previous screen.

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