You can make changes to any of the templates that you have previously created via the Template Manager.

Click on the 'Manage Templates' link in the top left hand corner of your Beacon dashboard:

From here you will see all the templates that you have previously created:

If you have lots of templates you can use the 3 main filter options to refine which templates are listed:

  1. Tags - You can tag individual templates to make them easier to find (see below for information on adding tags)

  2. Type - Page and Publication templates will be shown together in one list. To show one or the other click either 'Pages' or 'Publications'

  3. Search - Search for a specific template by adding keywords here

Edit Template

Click on the 'edit' button to make changes to the look and feel of an individual template:

Edit Options

There are various edit options for each template shown. To access the edit options, click the arrow on the edit button:

Make a copy of this template. Duplicates will be added to the bottom of the list.

Change the name of this template

Manage Tags
Tags make it easy to group and categorise common templates together. Click on this option to add new tags or remove existing tags.

Permanently delete this template. Please note that this action cannot be undone.

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