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What is a Smart PDF?
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A Smart PDF looks just like a traditional PDF but it is accessed via a web link rather than a downloadable file.

This is an example of a Smart PDF -

Benefits of Smart PDFs

Mobile Optimisation
Smart PDFs are automatically optimised for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. This means that your content will always be comfortably readable for people no matter what device they are using.

When you share the Smart PDF version of your publication, Beacon can record various statistics about how people interact with your content. Including, time spent reading, type of device used and the source of any inbound links.

Multimedia Friendly
Because Smart PDFs use web technology you can embed multimedia elements like video, audio or animated GIFs. These formats will all play directly in the document so your readers will not have to visit an external site to access them.

Faster Load Times
Smart PDFs will have a smaller file size than a traditional PDF so will load faster for your readers.

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