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Editing Content Cards

Once you have dragged a Content Card onto the page you can make various changes to it.

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Video Overview

Customizing Content Cards

When you hover over a Content Card on the page you will notice a pink dotted border appear around the content element. In this example the mouse is hovering over the Headline element:

When you click on a Content Card on the page a blue menu will appear on the left hand side:

This blue menu is how you make adjustments to the appearance of the selected Content Card.

The options in this blue menu will be different for every type of Content Card. For example a Headline Card will have different options from the Gallery Card.

Sub Menu

Within the blue menu there is a sub menu that appears at the bottom:

This sub menu helps you to:

  1. Reorder a Content Card up the page

  2. Reorder a Content Card down the page

  3. Delete the Content Card

  4. Duplicate the Content Card

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