How to move elements on a page

You can move elements above or below other elements on a page to reorder them.

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First, click on the element that you want to move. In this example I have clicked on the image:

When the blue menu appears at the side you will notice 2 arrows in the bottom sub-menu. Click on the 'up' arrow to move the element above the preceding element:

As you can see, the image now appears above the headline on the page.

You can use the 'down' arrow to move elements down the page:

Moving Content Within Containers

When you select a Content Card that is within a Container you can only move that element up or down within the Container. It is not possible to move it out of the Container.

Reordering Columns

You can change the order of Columns within a Column Group by using the same technique.

First, click on the column that you want to move:

Then click the relevant reorder button in the sub menu.

If we wanted to move Column 1 to the end of the row we would click this button twice:

As you can see, Column 1 has now been moved to the end of the row.

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