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How To Configure Template Colors

Everything you need to know about template colors.

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When you create a new publication we recommend setting up your template colors. This will help you to save time and ensure brand consistency throughout the document.

To access the template colors, click the 'Default Styles' link in the Document Settings tab:

You can set up as many as 4 template colors:

In this example I have set up 2 colors, green and yellow:

Now, whenever I want to change the color of an element you can see the template colors appear at the bottom of the color swatch.

In this example I have clicked on the yellow square to ensure that this headline uses Template Color 2:

You can use template colors wherever you see a color picker. In this example I am changing the background color of the page to be Template Color 1 (green):

Changing Template Colors

If you change a template color via the Document Settings tab, the color will update everywhere it has been used throughout the document.

In this example I am changing Template Color 1 to be blue:

When I made that change, the page background automatically updated to reflect the new value of Template Color 1 (blue).

For more information on changing the default template colors please see this article.

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