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Here's how to set Lead Capture on your website:

First, visit the Beacon dashboard and click the 'publish' button.

Next, choose 'enable lead capture'.

Choose the 'Content Upgrade' option:

Choose A Template

This box is the 'trigger' and is what will be shown to readers on your blog. This particular example includes a picture of your lead magnet so readers will know what they are getting:

Setup The Trigger

You can customise all aspects of your trigger using the sidebar menu. For example, if you wanted to change the headline text just click the 'headline' option on the left-hand side:

You will then be shown a range of customisation options:

Once you are happy with how everything looks, click the next item on the top menu:

Customise The Pop-Up

When a reader of your blog clicks the button in the 'trigger' they will be shown a pop-up form where they can enter their details.

Again, you can customize this popup via the menu on the left-hand side:

Once you are happy with how the pop-up form looks, you can proceed to the next step.

Thank You Page

After a reader submits the pop-up form on your website they will be shown a 'thank-you' page. You can customise this page via the left-hand menu or if you prefer to redirect the reader to a page on your own website just enter a 'redirect URL' as shown below:

Confirmation Email

A short time after your readers submit the popup form they will be sent an email containing a link to your lead magnet. You can customise the text in this email message via the left-hand menu:

Connect Your Email Provider (optional)

If you connect to your email service provider then email addresses are automatically passed to that provider. You can add a new provider by clicking the yellow button shown below:

Once you add a new provider you can take certain actions when a new email address is submitted. In this example, when a new email address is submitted the tag "content upgrade" will be applied in the email marketing service Drip:

Embed Your Form

Once you are happy with everything you can now embed the opt-in form on your website. To do this you should copy the code shown here:

And paste it into your blog post. Note that you should be in the 'code' or 'text' view when you paste this code:

If you preview the blog post you will be able to see how the trigger appears for your readers:

Viewing The Collected Leads

Once your opt-in form has been up and running you can view any of the submitted leads via the Lead Capture dashboard. Just click on the total number of leads shown here:

You can download these leads as a .csv file by clicking this link:

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