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When someone tries to access your lead magnet they will be shown a popup that looks like this:

People will only be able to read your lead magnet if they enter their details into this form.

Here's how to enable the Link Lock feature:

First, visit the Beacon dashboard and click the 'publish' button.

Next, choose 'enable lead capture'.

Choose the 'Link Lock' option:

Choose A Template

This box is the 'trigger' and is what will be shown to readers on your blog. This particular example includes a picture of your lead magnet so readers will know what they are getting:

Customise The Pop-Up

You can customize this popup via the menu on the left-hand side:

Once you are happy with how the pop-up form looks, you can proceed to the next step.

Confirmation Email

A short time after your readers submit the popup form they will be sent an email containing a link to your lead magnet. You can customise the text in this email message via the left-hand menu:

Connect Your Email Provider (optional)

If you connect to your email service provider then email addresses are automatically passed to that provider. You can add a new provider by clicking the yellow button shown below:

Once you add a new provider you can take certain actions when a new email address is submitted. In this example, when a new email address is submitted the tag "content upgrade" will be applied in the email marketing service Drip:

Once you are happy with everything you can now activate this Link Lock. To do this you should click on the 'activate' button shown here:

You can then copy the link shown here and share it via social media, email or anywhere else that accepts links:

If you click the link you will be able to see how the popup appears for your readers:

Viewing The Collected Leads

Once your opt-in form has been up and running you can view any of the submitted leads via the Lead Capture dashboard. Just click on the total number of leads shown here:

You can download these leads as a .csv file by clicking this link:

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