Setting The Default Text Settings

Configure the default fonts used in Headline and Text Cards

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With our default styles options you can configure your preferred font styles for use in Headline and Text Cards.

You can find this feature in the document settings panel underneath the default styles section.

These controls enable you to configure the default font settings for both the headline and text cards. At the moment if I add a headline card to the page it will be set in this Naive font, it will be 36px in size and orange in color.

But if I change these settings then the next time I drag a headline card onto the page it will default to the new settings. And this same technique will work for text cards as well.

So this means that you don’t have to customise your text every time you add a new card to the page. If you just set your defaults at the start you’ll be able to save yourself a load of time.

These text settings also work for imported and continuous pages. So if I import a blog post then change these settings the updates will be applied instantly to the page.

The same things happens for continuous pages. If I add a continuous page then change these settings the text will update automatically on the page.


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