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User Access Levels: Lead Capture
User Access Levels: Lead Capture

How to restrict access to lead capture features

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Please note that this feature is only available on the Agency Plan

When you add a sub-user to your account you can control if they have access to Lead Capture features and you can also restrict which Lead Capture Forms they can access.

First, navigate to the users tab within the settings page:

Next, click the permissions icon of the user that you will change permissions for:

And select the 'Lead Capture' tab:

Now you can decide if a user should be able to create new Lead Capture forms and which existing forms they should have access to.

Sample Permissions For A Colleague

These permissions mean that this user will be able to create new lead capture forms and have access to all existing forms within your account.

Sample Permissions For A Client

These permissions mean that the user will not be able to create new Lead Capture forms and they will only be able to edit the two forms highlighted by the red arrow.

Please note that no users will have access to your account subscription information. This can only be viewed by the account administrator.

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