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Resource Library Tour

Use this guide to get familiar with the various features of Resource Library.

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Preview Area

This area shows what your Resource Library looks like:

Main Menu

The main menu is how you will manage the resources in your library:

The main menu consists of five options:

1. Manage Resources

Edit, delete and organise the resources that are already in this library. More information >

2. Add New Resource

Use this option to add a new resource to this library. More information >

3. Customise Library

Change various design settings of your library. More information >

4. Display Elements

Hide certain elements from displaying in your page . More information >

5. Opt-In Settings

Control what happens when someone clicks on a resource in your library. More information >

Item Menu

If you click on certain items in the library you can edit their individual settings:

When you click on the logo, this menu appears:


When you click on the page title, this menu appears:


When you click on the page description, this menu appears:

Filter Menu

When you click on the filter area, this menu appears:

Individual Resource

If you click on an individual resource in the preview area, this menu appears:

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