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Step 1 - Create a new automation

Begin my creating a new automation by clicking My Automations in the sidebar. Now click the green Create New Automation button:

Step 2 - Add a webhook

Search for Webhook and select it for App 1. This will allow us to create a connection with your Beacon form. Now you can go ahead and select App 2 as you please.

Step 3 - Activate the automation

Scroll down to Step 2 and click on the 'When Operaton is created...'

Wait for a few secs and then click on the purple Check It Now button:

Step 4 - Get your Webhook URL

Click on the Add Connection button for the 1st step:

Now copy the Webhook URL

Step 5 - Configure in your Beacon dashboard

Back to your Beacon dashboard and create a new provider in

Select Integrately as your provider, give it a name and paste your Webhook URL:

Step 6a - Lead Capture

When editing your Lead Capture form navigate to the Integrations tab. Choose the Integrately provider that set up in the previous step. Now click Test:

Step 6b - Resource Library

When editing you Resource Library, navigate to the 'opt-in settings' screen. In the 'Email Integrations' section select 'Integrately' from the drop down and click the 'test' button.

You should get this confirmation:

Step 7 - Test The Connection

Back in your Integrately dashboard click on the purple Test Connection button and you will see the data being shared which you can send to the App of your choosing:

Step 8 - Connect to Your Preferred App

In this example we'll be connecting to Google Sheets. I've already created a Google Sheet called Test with a Sheet named Contacts with the following headings:

Back in Integrately, connect your google account and select the Spreadsheet and Worksheet, as shown below:

Next, click the 'modify conditions and actions' button:

Finally, we map the fields in the worksheet to the Webhook:

Once you've done that click Test & Go Live:

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