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Delivering Resources From Your Own Email Address (Resource Library)
Delivering Resources From Your Own Email Address (Resource Library)

Use your own email address instead of the default Beacon address

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When someone opts-in to receive a resource from your library it will be emailed to them. If you want that email to show your address instead of the Beacon address then you need to add an email signature to your Beacon account.

Please note this feature is not available on free accounts.

Step 1: Visit Your Account Settings

Visit your account settings and click the 'Sender Signatures' button:

Step 2: Enter Your Details

Enter the name and email address that will be shown to people who receive your resources, then click the 'add' button:

Please note that you must be able to access the inbox of any email address that you enter here. Also, you can't use free email addresses like gmail, hotmail etc.

Step 3: Confirm Sender Signature

Check your email account for an email from 'Postmark Support' and click the 'Confirm Sender Signature' button:

You should then be redirected to this page:

Now when you visit your Beacon settings page you will see that the email address has been confirmed:

Step 4: Change Resource Library Settings

To begin using your new email signature you should enable it in your Resource Library. You can do that via the opt-in settings:

In the 'Confirmation Email' section you will be able to select your email address from the 'Select Signature' dropdown:

Finally, click 'save changes'

Now, when someone downloads a resource from this library, it will be delivered to their inbox with your chosen email address.

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