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AI Content Card

How to add AI generated content to your lead magnet.

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You can use the AI Content Card to generate text based content for use in your lead magnet.

You can find the AI Content Card in the Drag and Drop menu:

When you drag this card onto the page the blue menu will open on the right hand side of the screen.

You can use the settings in this menu to generate text based content and to style how that content looks.

Content Prompts

To generate content you should enter a 'prompt' in this text box:

A prompt can be a question that you want the answer to. For example, if I entered the prompt "what is content marketing". Then I would get an answer displayed on the page.

Content Tone

You can choose the writing style of the generated text by selecting an option from the tone dropdown menu. In this example I chose "Business Like" then clicked the 'Generate' button. This updated the text on the page to be more formal than the original version:

Alternative Prompts

You can also give instructions as prompts. For example, if I entered the prompt "list 5 benefits of content marketing" - I would get this response on the page:

You can also give more general instructions. For example, "write an introduction for a lead magnet titled A Beginner's Guide To Content Marketing" - which would return this answer:

Note: If you enter a new prompt in the same AI Content Card then it will replace the existing answer.

To add a new prompt you should drag a second AI Content Card onto the page.

Styling Text

You can style the generated text in the same way that you would style a regular Text Card:

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