Once you have finished editing your lead magnet you can use it on your blog to collect email addresses. 

You can see a video demo of this feature here:

Here's how to set lead capture up for your blog:

First, visit the Beacon dashboard and click the 'share' button.

Next, choose 'enable lead capture'.

In this section you will be able to create an opt-in form to use on your blog. Just click 'start'.

Setup The Trigger

This yellow box is the 'trigger' and is what will be shown to readers on your blog. It includes a 3D cover of your lead magnet so readers will know what they are getting:

To change how this yellow box looks just click the 'customize' button:

Once you are happy with how everything looks, click the 'next' button.

Setup The Pop-Up

When a reader of your blog clicks the link in the 'trigger' they will be shown a pop-up form where they can enter their details. To change how this form looks, click the 'customize' button:

Once you are happy with how the pop-up form looks, click the 'next' button.

Connect Your Email Provider (optional)

If you have set up your email provider you can choose it from the list shown here:

If you do not want to connect your email provider you can skip this step:

The 'email options' link helps you to change the default messages that people receive after they enter their email address:

Embed Your Form

Once you are happy with everything you can now embed the opt-in form on your website. To do this you should copy the code shown here:

And paste it into your blog post. Note that you should be in the 'code' or 'text' view when you paste this code:

Viewing The Collected Leads

Once your opt-in form has been up and running you can view any of the submitted leads via the 'leads' panel shown here:

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