When you have finished editing a publication just click the 'publish' button at the top of the editor screen:

Once you do this, the Publish Settings screen will appear:

There are 2 formats to choose from when publishing a Beacon document:

  1. Smart PDF
  2. Traditional PDF

Smart PDF

Smart PDFs are shared via a web link and can be accessed through a web browser. Learn more about Smart PDFs here.

You can change the format of the Smart PDF link by changing the text in this box:

Once you have decided on the URL format click 'Publish'

You can then click the final Smart PDF link to see your published document, or copy and paste the text to share with your audience:

Traditional PDF

(This feature is only available on paid accounts)

If you want to download the PDF file instead of using the Smart PDF link then you can click the 'Generate PDF' button shown here:

For longer documents it may take a few moments for your PDF to generate.

Once the PDF has generated, click the download link:

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