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Changing the URL of uploaded files
Changing the URL of uploaded files

Updating the public URL of individual resource uploads.

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When you upload a file to Beacon it is given a unique URL so you can share the file directly with people.

To change this URL, first visit the Uploads Dashboard and click the 'Settings' button of the relevant upload:

You will now be able to see the existing URL Settings:

1. Current URL
This is the current URL that can be used to access the uploaded file.

2. Title
This is the title of the uploaded file as shown in Beacon. This will not be shown publicly.

3. Domain
The default public URL will always use the domain name. You can change this to one of your custom domains here.

4. URL

This is the final part of the URL - you can update this to something more readable here.

If you make any changes to the Domain or URL you can see the updated version of the public URL here:

Be sure to click the 'Update URL' button to save your changes:

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